How to Write a Good Sportsbook Article


Whether you’re covering your alma mater’s football team or the latest pro golf tournament, writing about sports is a great way to capture a viewer’s attention. It’s also a great chance to show off your writing chops and, most importantly, get some real-world experience.

Covering sports can be fun and exciting, but it can also present a number of challenges for writers who are not seasoned experts. A little research and preparation go a long way in helping you get off to a strong start.

First and foremost, you’ll want to know the sport you’re covering. That means understanding the rules, statistics and terminology of the game. It’s also wise to know a bit about the players and coaches you’re interviewing. You can learn some key facts by asking them a few questions, such as what they like most about the sport and how they got started.

The next step is to craft a news story that highlights a player or team’s most important accomplishments. This could be something as simple as a game-winning field goal or as complex as a career defining performance.

Writers may choose to use a variety of styles for these stories, including news and feature articles. The latter, which is more specialized, usually incorporates creative elements to grab readers’ attention.

The best sports articles are well-written, concise and informative. They are written in a way that makes the reader feel as though they were in the action, watching the game, playing the game or listening to the game’s soundtrack.